For all requests to our API with Bearer, first add the Bearer word followed by a space

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}.

Get a list of spaces for an installation example using Curl:

curl -i https://{siteName} -H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}"

In order to use OAuth 2.0, you will need to register your app using our Developer Portal. Here you can generate client ID and secret in order to implement App Login Flow.

Once you successfully implement OAuth 2.0 using the app details from our Developer Portal, you can simply make requests using the Authorization header, but using a bearer token rather than passing in your API key with basic authentication.

Remember to include the token in the Authorization header of your API requests.

For all requests to our API with OAuth 2.0, send the token in the Authorization header;

e.g. Authorization: Bearer {token}. Get all tags example using Curl:

curl -i https://{yourSiteName} -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}"


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