Pagination in Teamwork Spaces API

All pagination related query parameters begin with page.

List endpoints typically limit the number of entities returned. This is considered a "page" of results. There is a meta root property in the response, containing pagination metadata;

count is the total number of entities.

pageSize is the max number of items per page. This can be changed by passing the pageSize query parameter; e.g. pageSize=35.

pageOffset is where the page starts from, i.e. the index position of the first item to return from the overall result set. This is 0 by default. If you would like further pages, pass the pageOffset query parameter; e.g. pageOffset=20.


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Sample Meta

	"spaces": [...],
	"meta": {
		"page": {
			"pageOffset": 0,
			"pageSize": 20,
			"count": 42