Answers to common questions


The API endpoints support pagination. Depending on the endpoint you will have the ability to set a pageSize (maximum specified on endpoint document).

This can be used with the page parameter where you can specify which page of the payload you want to request.

On our V3 endpoints, you will find a meta object which will refer to the pagesize, pageOffset and flag to inform you if there are more pages.

Large record count:

To make sure that our servers are not hammered by frequent loop requests, in addition to pagination we have restricted each request to 50,000 records.

If you have more than 50K records for an entity in, depending on the endpoint you are using you can call the next 50K records with the updatedAfter param.

Use the last record value for updatedAt on the current payload and add this as the value for updateAfter for the next request.

Note, that this param name may differ depending on the endpoint but the same principle applies.

Our API is open to everyone who has an active user profile on

The API is feature gated (to a subscription plan) and permissions based so users will only be able to view what they have access to in app.

Each user can follow the steps in our authentication guide to get their API credentials.

I can see a Harvest button on the tasks page. Can I add a button in the UI for our internal integration

No, the UI is locked down to external additions and this won't be changing for the foreseeable future.

The Harvest integration is one of the many integrations that we have created internally and the button was added by

CORS errors happen when a webpage makes a request to a different domain than the one that served the page, and the server responds with an HTTP error because the “Origin” header in the request is not allowed by the server’s CORS configuration.

There is a setting in that will enable Cors for your site. Note that the settings page is only accessible by owner company administrators.

Click on your profile avatar on the bottom left of > Go to settings > Scroll to the bottom and toggle Allow Cors.