Getting started with the Teamwork Spaces API

Welcome to the Teamwork Spaces API. First things first, authentication is necessary for every request when using the Teamwork Spaces API.

If you are using the API for personal use, or to do some testing, Bearer token Auth with API KEY will work.

If you are developing an application or integration for others to use, you should utilise our App Login Flow which implements OAuth 2.0.

We advise making all calls to your Teamwork account over SSL. If you have any security concerns or questions just drop us an email to

Regardless of the chosen authentication method, you and your application's users will only have access and permission to the information that is accessible through their profile in Teamwork Spaces.

To get started, you will need your API key and your site URL to start using the API.

  1. Open Teamwork Spaces.

  2. Copy the URL from your address bar (ignoring /spaces...). This should be something like https://{yourSiteName} If you're using a custom domain, it might be something like

Almost all endpoints will start with https://{yourSiteName}

US Hosted customers: https://{yourSiteName}

EU Hosted Customers: https://{yourSiteName}

  1. In Teamwork Spaces, click your avatar in the top right.

  2. Click "Settings".

  3. Go to "API Keys".

  4. At the top of this screen, generate an API key.

  5. Copy the "Key".

Any user with an active seat in Teamwork Spaces can access the API. Access to data with the API is based on the users permissions and the features available with the subscription plan.

Endpoints documentation

The complete list of available endpoints is available in the api reference documentation.


If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us at