Developer Portal Permissions

There are 3 main user types of the Developer Portal:

  • App Owners

  • App Users

  • All Users

App Owners

App Owners are the users who first created the app. They have full permissions and access over their app. They have the ability to update app details and app configuration settings. The app actions they can perform are:

  • Update app details such as name, icon, descriptions, URL, scopes, redirect URIs, and origins

  • Delete an app

  • Update app secret

  • Add users to the app for app management

  • Set a new app owner

  • Remove a user from an app

* administrators also share these app owner permissions. This means if you need to be updated to an app owner, you can ask an admin to help.

App Users

These users can update app details only. They must be added by the app owner to help manage an app. The app actions they can perform are:

  • Update app name

  • Update app description

  • App users can access the app details screen

*All administrators share app user permissions.

All Users

These are normal users. All users in the owner company have access to the Developer Portal. As a normal user in, you can navigate to the Developer Portal and look at the apps in development or apps which are live. Please note:

  • All users can create apps. Once you create an app, you become an owner of that app.

  • All users can view the apps. To amend an app, you must be added as an app user.

Updating the App Publisher

While any user can set a publisher in order to kick off development, once it’s set, only a Administrator can update these details. The publisher is the company or developer you will be associating your app with. If you need these details updated, a Administrator can perform this action. Read more about setting a publisher here.


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