Responding to a webhook

To acknowledge that you received the webhook without any problem, your server should return a 200 HTTP status code. You need to respond to the Webhook within 5 seconds.

Any other information you return in the request headers or request body will be ignored. Any response code outside of 200, including 3xx codes, will indicate to that you did not receive the webhook.

When a webhook is not received for whatever reason, will continue trying to send the webhook once every hour for a maximum of 3 attempts after which they will be discarded. Webhooks will automatically be deactivated if three or more events get discarded, ie: A status code other than 200 was returned after 3 tries.


  • Make sure you always respond with a Status 200 and with in a reasonable time frame. If we don't receive a 200 or the request times out, the Webhook will be considered failed and will be tried again at a later time. This could lead to duplicate actions on your side.

  • The best thing to do is save the parameters we send in a local queue and respond immediately with a 200. You can do extra processing or perform other actions that may take a long time after that.


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